House Concerts

House Concerts

An intimate, memorable experience...super easy to make happen and lots of fun!

Ready to host a house concert for Jennifer and David?

Sure you are! Here's the scoop:

House concerts are informal concerts, usually in people's homes, where 20 - 40 or more people can sit comfortably to enjoy an intimate concert. It's a great way to bring Jennifer and David to your town if you want a personalized, interactive and smoke-free experience

You Provide:

A space that can fit at least 20 or more folks comfortably.(Depending on the space and the amount of people you want to invite!) Can be in your home living room, your backyard or porch, even a local community center or meeting space, local synagogue/church...?

By the way...if you think you don't have enough room, you might be wrong! Most people are surprised at how many people can be seated comfortably in a living room. Using concert-style row seating, with kitchen or dining room chairs and some furniture rearranging,an average 12 X 18 living room can comfortably seat 35 people. Often you can borrow stacking chairs from a local church or school, use patio chairs, or ask friends and neighbors to bring a chair or two.

There is usually $10-$15 suggested donation at the door per person. Maybe snack food & drinks. Perhaps a pot-luck! This might be particularly nice. A place for Jennifer and David to stay for the night is appreciated if they are coming from more than 60 miles from home.

The Ginger UPs Provide:

A cozy, intimate 1- 2+ hour performance...Sound equipment if needed.

This is one of the best environments to hear The Ginger UPs' music and a total treat for all parties involved. The tried and true method that many house concert hosts use is to send invitations in advance (friend's/neighbors?), solicit RSVP's, and even possibly ask that tickets be bought in advance. You can also choose to open up your house concert to the public, or even advertising it via local radio and newspapers. Its up to you. It works best when the host (you) is enthusiastic. When you invite all your friends with enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm spreads. It truly is a unique way to experience Jennifer and David's music.

Why go to the music, when the music can come to you?